Top Tips: Getting Ready to Start University or College

starting university college top tips
If you’re about to start university or college, you’re probably excited and a little overwhelmed. Settling in to new digs, finding your way around campus, and making new friends can be intimidating, especially if you’re from out of town. You can make the transition to higher education more easily...

Our TAKE5+2 Offer: Ideal Storage Solution for the Holidays

space box special offer valet storage
At SpaceBox, we know that the holiday period often poses special challenges when it comes to space. If you have family or guests coming to stay, are planning to rent out a home over the peak tourist season or are planning to host a party, you may have clutter you need to clear out the way. Heading...

Step Back from the Rush: Simple, Effective Ways to De-stress

proven ways to destress
No one can say that this year hasn’t been a bit rough. We’ve all been witness to global political upheaval, natural disasters and a local economic downturn. It’s little wonder that people are starting to feel a bit cranky as the year draws to a close. Here are some scientifically proven ways to...

Offsite Document Storage: A Convenient Solution

offsite document storage valet collection spacebox
With the ready availability of cloud-based solutions, it's easier than ever before to back up and store electronic data. However, the majority of businesses still store a range of hard-copy documents. Types of paper records businesses keep By law, businesses are required to retain certain kinds of...

Distance Learning Versus Being on Campus: Pros and Cons

distance learning studying versus on campus student
Technology has made it easier than ever to get a quality education. Live webinars are latest generation lectures; remote chats are the new tutorials, and course content is readily available online. Distance learning is now firmly part of the establishment, but can it compare to the live campus...

6 Tips for Getting Along with Housemates

getting along housemates chores dishes sharing space
We’ve all been there. Someone in the house didn’t do the dishes and now no one is speaking to each other. Living with other people can be a challenge at times – but there are a few simple ways that you can avoid unnecessary squabbles in the household. Don’t touch what isn’t yours This goes for food...

Why Valet Storage?

valet storage spacebox
Valet storage is a fairly recent addition to the storage industry – one that's very much in keeping with the trend towards on-demand services. According to the OZY news site, typical clients use valet storage "like an extension of their closet that they can order on their cellphone." So what is...

Cost Comparison: SpaceBox vs Traditional Storage for Students

valet storage packing boxes spacebox
Limited storage space is always an issue for students. If you’re living in cramped university or college digs, your room is unlikely to be spacious – and if you’re sharing a house with a bunch of other people, you can’t exactly spread your stuff around. There may also be valuable items that you don...

Student Storage Solution for the Holidays

storage for students over the holidays
With the mid-year break quickly approaching, it’s likely that you’re making plans to return home for the holidays – or, if you're lucky, to jet off on a much-needed vacation somewhere sunny. Unfortunately, if you're living in a dorm or other student accommodation, you'll likely be required to...


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