5 Reasons Why Our Plastic Moving Boxes Rule

plastic moving boxes

At SpaceBox, our customers have free use of our strong, durable and super-secure moving boxes. Along with our state-of-art storage solutions, we provide a fully digitalised, client-focussed service – we drop off the boxes, you pack, we collect and whisk them off to our storage facilities.

We also rent out our storage boxes for a nominal fee.

Why should you store your stuff in plastic boxes rather than conventional cardboard cartons? Here are five good reasons that’ll convince you to place an order online today:

Strong, durable and secure

SpaceBoxes are strong, durable, hard plastic boxes with an average life span of 25 years. Sides and bases are structurally reinforced to provide the strength required to support heavy loads, like books, files, and small appliances.

Unlike cardboard boxes that disintegrate after three to four moving cycles, plastic boxes are built for the long-haul. You can safely store fragile items – lamps, glassware, devices and old vinyl records – in the knowledge they’ll be returned to you to in one piece.

In addition to their remarkable resilience, plastic moving boxes are sealable and secure. Our tamper-proof seals provide a fail-safe method of protecting your goods, in-transit and at our storage facilities nationwide.

Excellent space utilisation

Our plastic moving boxes have exactly the same dimensions – 60 cm long, 40 cm deep and 40 cm high. They are deceptively spacious, and have moulded handles that make them conveniently easy to pick up and move.

As the boxes are fully stackable, the use of space is maximised, in the moving van and at the storage facility.


Plastic moving boxes are infinitely reusable. Throughout their lifecycle, plastic storage units are more eco-friendly than traditional cardboard cartons.

Need proof? According to a carbon accounting study conducted in the UK, plastic embodies far less greenhouse gases than cardboard.

And what happens to most cardboard boxes? They collapse and become unusable after only a few cycles. Cardboard cartons typically end up in the landfill, where they rot and produce methane gas.

Plastic doesn’t rot, and it isolates its carbon content from the environment for eternity.


Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic storage boxes do not have open seams creepy crawlies can use to infiltrate the contents.

Our fully sealed moving units protect your precious belongings from all kinds of destructive pests, from rats and mice to cockroaches, moths and silverfish.

If you don’t want to find partially gnawed shoes, moth infested clothing, or rats droppings scattered all over your stuff, think ‘SpaceBox’ the next time you want to store items, over the short- or long-term.

Moisture resistant

Moisture is the catalyst for rampant mould and mildew growth. When that happens, the natural fibres in clothing and books break down, and begin to rot.

Dampness causes electronic and digital devices to rust and corrode, and wood, vinyl and other materials to degrade. Any sign of moisture can permanently damage your belongings.

As all our SpaceBoxes are sanitised and cleaned between jobs, and completely sealed when stored, your personal items remain clean and dry, notwithstanding the length of the storage term.

You don't have to come to us – we'll come right to your door, and even drop off sturdy, sealable plastic containers if you need them. Then we'll pick up and store your stuff securely, and drop it off when you need it again.

Contact us for more information or get started now, by ordering a pick-up online.

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