6 Benefits of Full-Service Storage

spacebox valet storage collection

Full-service storage takes the “sweat” out of storing your stuff. Trained staff collect your pre-packed boxes or bulky individual items from your location, store them in a secure facility and return them to you, on demand.

Also known as valet storage, full-service storage has some obvious benefits over traditional self-storage.

1. No need to drive

Your personal or business items are fetched and returned as part of the service. This means there’s no need for you to get into your car or recruit the services of a moving van or removals company.

This form of storage is also ideal for people who don’t drive or don’t have their own vehicles.

2. Time savings

Along with saving petrol, you save the time and possible frustration involved in having to navigate to a storage facility.

With full-service storage, the only activity that’s left up to you is the actual packing of boxes. The rest of the storage process is handled on your behalf. This saves time and effort.

3. Pay per box, not per square metre

With full-service storage providers like SpaceBox, you don’t pay for a fixed-size storage unit; you pay per box or bulky item you store. This means you won’t end up paying for space you don’t actually use.

4. Easy and exertion-free

With full-service storage, you don’t have to carry and load your possessions into a storage truck, or unload and store the boxes on the other side. So there’s no lugging of hefty boxes up and down stairs and no heavy lifting.

This makes full-service storage an easy and exertion-free option that’s suitable for anyone, including pregnant mums, disabled folk and the elderly.

5. Simple online management

You can arrange collection and delivery of your stuff, and track the items you have stored, online. This means you can easily manage the storage process, from anywhere, any time and using any device.

6. Clean green packing boxes

If you choose, SpaceBox will drop off sturdy, environmentally friendly packing boxes you can use to pack and store your stuff.  These boxes are stackable, durable and weather-proof, making them a convenient alternative to cardboard boxes. The boxes are also sealable and can be labelled.

SpaceBox currently operates in and around Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Potchefstroom. Contact us for more information about our full-service storage or get started now, by ordering a pick-up online.

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