6 Reasons Why Students Use Self-Storage

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Self-storage with SpaceBox is convenient for anyone, but it's especially suited to college and university students. Here's why!

You don't need a car

Only a few lucky students have their own cars. With SpaceBox, it doesn't matter a bit if you don't have your own transportation because we come to you.

We'll collect what you want to store and, once you need it back, return it to whatever address you specify, at a time that suits you.

Even if you do have your own car, this means you don't have to waste time sitting in traffic or navigating to a storage facility. Instead spend that time studying, socialising, doing sport or just relaxing and enjoying your time as a student.

Flexible "anytime" storage

Self-storage is a convenient, flexible and practical solution that's available any time and for flexible periods – from one or two months to a year or more.

Students move around a lot, and plans change. With SpaceBox, you don't have to commit to a long agreement or rent a whole unit.

You can store your stuff securely for the holidays, and get bulky items or extra belongings out the way during or between moves. Or you can gather up seasonal wardrobe items, outdoor gear and other items you don't use every day and use our clean, dry storage as a convenient, remote cupboard for the academic year.

Whether you're off on an international scholarship program or simply want more room to breathe, self-storage with SpaceBox is a flexible and affordable solution.

Size matters

Students don't have the volume of possessions typical of long-term home owners.

So it's doubly convenient that with SpaceBox, you don't have to pay to rent a fixed-size storage unit. Instead, pay just for the boxes and individual bulky items you store.

You pay only for the space you use.

Access on demand

Need to store items? Just get hold of us online and schedule a time, and we'll be there.

Need stored items back? Again, just tell us when and we'll return your items directly to you.

Our branches are conveniently located close to South Africa's biggest and best-known universities and colleges, so we're close to where you are.

Super secure for SA conditions

Leaving valuables unattended in university residences or shared accommodation isn't the best of ideas in a South African context.

Students socialise, and the reality is that with lots of people coming and going in student digs, there's no real way to keep your possessions completely safe. Even under lock and key, break-ins can happen and you may lose treasured or expensive items.

Store your stuff with SpaceBox and it will be held in a secure facility, with 24-hour CCTV monitoring and controlled access.

Service-centric self-storage for students

student room space box girl storage

Students today grew up as part of the modern, digital era – with smartphones, not the "Yellow Pages."

With SpaceBox, you can arrange to store your stuff at the click of a button. Simply access our site and use the online tools to specify what you want to store and when we must collect it. Get your stuff back in the same way, online.

You can also use our system to track exactly what you're storing with us and to retrieve just certain items, when and where you need them.

That's just six of the reasons why students use our valet storage! SpaceBox is a service-centric online self-storage solution for students. It's easy, affordable and secure. Get started today.

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