Convenient, Affordable Storage During the Holidays

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Many of us need extra storage during the holidays. You might want to store your belongings while you’re away or clear out space for visiting family members or Airbnb guests.

This is one of the many times that valet storage has advantages over traditional storage. Holidays are a busy time so it’s ideal that you can arrange your storage needs online, and simply have your stuff collected, stored and returned to your doorstep when you need it again. There’s no need to drive or do heavy lifting.

The advantages of valet storage during the holidays

Only pay for the space you need

Because valet storage is only charged per box or per item, there's no need to rent a space that's bigger than your actual needs. This minimises the cost because you only pay for the exact space you use.

Secure, sturdy boxes are supplied

SpaceBox supplies clean, sturdy plastic boxes with a lid and tamper-proof seals. If you prefer, you can use your own boxes or suitcases to pack your goods. We will still collect and store them.

You don't need to transport your goods yourself

Our collection and delivery service means you can store your items without ever having to leave your home. We drop of the boxes, wait an allotted time while you pack them and then take them to our secure facility for storage.

Our TAKE5+2 special

Our TAKE5+2 special give you a little extra holiday storage space this festive season, at no extra charge. The special means you can store five boxes plus two small or medium individual items for just R400 per month.

Convenient holiday storage

Valet self-storage is convenient over the holiday season for a number of reasons.

  • Easy and affordable storage for students returning home over the holidays. If you need to vacate your dorm room or don't want to leave your valuables in a shared household.
  • Clearing out a room for guests or to rent on Airbnb? It's not just boxes you can store with valet storage. We'll store individual items such as computers, TVs, gym equipment, mountain bikes and much more.
  • If you plan to go away for an extended time and you don't want to leave valuable items in your house, but you don't want to take them with you either, you can store them with SpaceBox while you are away.
  • You can safely store those beautiful new decorations you just bought (or made) once the holidays are over.

Online holiday storage from SpaceBox

You don't have to come to us – we'll come right to your door, and even drop off sturdy, sealable plastic containers if you need them. Then we'll pick up and store your stuff securely, and drop it off when you need it again.

Contact us for more information about storage during the holidays or get started now, by ordering a pick-up online.

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