Cost Comparison: SpaceBox vs Traditional Storage for Students

Limited storage space is always an issue for students. If you’re living in cramped university or college digs, your room is unlikely to be spacious – and if you’re sharing a house with a bunch of other people, you can’t exactly spread your stuff around.

There may also be valuable items that you don’t want anyone else to have access to while you’re not there.

Picture this: the holidays are finally here and you’re heading home for some much needed rest and relaxation. What happens to all your stuff while you’re gone? You don’t want to have to lug it all home with you, but will it be safe and secure for the time that you’re away?

Luckily, storage providers will keep your belongings in a secure facility until you need them again. We consider the two different types of self-storage on offer, to determine which one is best suited to students.

Traditional self-storage

locking up self storage unit

Traditional self-storage involves renting a full storage unit and packing and locking it yourself, on the premises of the storage provider.


  • You have direct access to your storage unit, usually during office hours or after hours by arrangement.
  • You have a whole storage unit to yourself, so you can swap things in and out as and when you please.


  • Can be wasteful and unnecessarily expensive if you rent an entire unit but don’t end up filling it.
  • Often, only large, garage-style units are available, and these tend to be much too big for the average student's needs.
  • You're responsible for transporting your items to and from the storage facility, often located in an industrial zone.
  • If you don't have a vehicle or you need to store large items, you'll have to fork out for the services of a moving company.


This depends on the size of the unit, but ranges from approximately R400 per month for small units or lockers to as much as R1500 per month for a storage unit the size of a standard garage.

Valet storage

valet storage packing boxes spacebox

With valet storage like we provide at SpaceBox, the storage provider collects the items you want to store from your home, stores them in a secure facility and returns them to you when you need them back.

You pack and lock your own boxes, but you do not have direct access to the storage facility.


  • Your items are collected free of charge from your house at a time that suits you.
  • Your items can be returned to you at any time, to a location you specify.
  • You don’t need to drive into a remote, industrial area to drop off or pick up your stuff.
  • You don’t need to pay for storage space you won’t end up using; you're charged per box, not per storage unit.
  • The service includes secure, clean plastic boxes, or you can use your own boxes
  • Bulky, individual items, like bikes or surfboards, can also be stored at a per item rate.


  • 24-hour waiting period to get your items back.
  • Not suited to large volumes of bigger items, like full household contents.


The initial pick-up is free no matter how many boxes you choose to store and the cost is about R2 per box or item per day for on-going storage. Per month, the cost per box is therefore approximately R60 to R64.

A flat fee of R250 is charged for returning your items to you.


Valet storage has a number of characteristics that make it perfectly suited to students' storage needs – helping explain why it's popular for this purpose worldwide.

Key among its advantages are an overall lower cost for storing smaller quantities of items, and the convenience of not having to drive anywhere. For most students, these are a huge plus.

SpaceBox offers storage in all centres where key university campuses, colleges and leading schools are located, including Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Potchefstroom.

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