How Much Fits in a SpaceBox? A Handy Guide

How much fits into a SpaceBox

With SpaceBox, you can choose to store items you've packed in your own boxes or, as a more convenient and secure option, use our sturdy, industrial-grade plastic boxes – for free.

We'll deliver however many boxes you need to your doorstep so you can pack them. Then we collect the boxes, store them securely and, whenever you need them back, return them to you.

Our boxes, which we call SpaceBoxes, are a standard size –  60 centimetres long, 40 centimetres wide and 40 centimetres high. So just how much can you fit in one of these SpaceBoxes?

Examples of what you can fit in a SpaceBox

We've experimented and depending on your skills at folding and packing, these are some examples of what you can fit in a single SpaceBox.


A single SpaceBox can hold roughly:

  • 80 t-shirts, rolled rather than folded to prevent creasing and optimise space
  • winter clothing – 10 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, 5 jerseys, 2 pairs of shoes, a raincoat and a bulky winter coat
  • summer clothing – 14 shirts, 5 pairs of lightweight trousers, 4 sundresses, 9 pairs of shorts, 2 swimming costumes, 3 sarongs and 6 pairs of summer sandals
  • if you happen to be back from a skiing holiday, skiing boots, winter gloves, two winter jackets, two pairs of snow pants, two thick jerseys, thermal socks and underwear, and goggles.

Shoes or boots

At last count, 27 pairs of walking shoes, takkies and sandals – or 22 pairs of high heel shoes – were a comfortable fit in a SpaceBox.

Documents and books

At SpaceBox, we limit the weight of each box we accept to a maximum of 25 kilograms. That's so the boxes can be safely moved, without injuring anyone's back.

Provided you stick to the weight restrictions, though, a SpaceBox can hold roughly 65 paperback books, or 11 lever arch files, full of documents.

Outdoor gear

We succeeded in fitting a four-person tent and two sleeping bags in a SpaceBox. If you have extra-compact camping gear, you could probably fit more.

Computer equipment

A SpaceBox can hold up to 18 laptops – or all the peripherals (drives, keyboards, mousepads and so on) you're likely to want to keep, along with software boxes and discs.


Our record so far for a SpaceBox is 8 board games, but that's only because we couldn't get our hands on any more board games. You could probably fit 10.


Toolboxes come in different sizes, but picture the larger toolboxes available in most stores. The larger model in the popular Big Jim range, for example, is 56 centimetres long, 26 centimetres wide and 26 centimeters high. You can fit a lot of tools in there – but it's still significantly smaller than our standard SpaceBox (at 60 x 40 x 40).

Children's school work and art

A SpaceBox is ideal for storing children's school work and other mementos. If you're a parent, you know how fast these can accumulate.

We didn't quite manage to fit everything in a single SpaceBox, but that's because our test involved a collection accumulated from twins – and they're already 14 years old. There's enough space for a significant volume of artwork though, from the early scribbles through to high school masterpieces.


A single SpaceBox provides ample space for all your Christmas ornaments, lights and tinsel. Pack fragile decorations carefully though.

Of course, there are plenty of other items you might choose to store in SpaceBoxes too.

How many SpaceBoxes you might need...

On average, it's likely you could store all the items in a student's dorm room – from bedding and books to sports gear, extra clothes and personal knick knacks – in five to six boxes.

All the baby clothes you've kept and carefully put aside, along with woollen baby blankets and towels? Probably two or three boxes.

And even if you're a fashionista of note, you could declutter your wardrobe by storing away all your winter boots, shoes, jerseys, scarves, bags and jackets in five or six boxes.

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