Offsite Document Storage: A Convenient Solution

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With the ready availability of cloud-based solutions, it's easier than ever before to back up and store electronic data.

However, the majority of businesses still store a range of hard-copy documents.

Types of paper records businesses keep

By law, businesses are required to retain certain kinds of records, such as company founding documents and certificates, tax-related documents, accounting and banking records, and contracts. Often, these are in paper form.

They may also have hard copies of all kinds of other documents, whether they contain customer data, relate to internal processes and procedures or have historical significance.

Why store documents offsite?


The overriding reason to store physical documents offsite is security.

Under the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, all companies are legally responsible for protecting the security of any personal data they collect or store. Failing to comply with the Act can result in stiff penalties.

If you keep hard-copy records containing employees' or customers' personal details on your business premises, there's a risk that individuals on the premises (whether authorised to be there or not) will gain access to them.

Business documents may also contain confidential information about your company, ranging from trade secrets to details of your banking arrangements, suppliers or company network.

Storing documents at a secure facility offsite is an ideal way to prevent unauthorised access to them. It may also help protect the documents against risks like fire and flooding.


Office space is a significant expense – and especially for smaller businesses (including home-based businesses) and start-ups, it's often at a premium.

Storing documents offsite relieves businesses of the need to pay for extra office space simply to house piles of folders, stacked documents and filing cabinets.

By eliminating clutter, it also promotes productivity and makes offices more attractive, for both employees and visitors.

How SpaceBox can help with offsite document storage 

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SpaceBox is an innovative valet storage service. We come to you, fetch your stuff, store it in a secure facility and return it to your doorstep when required. We offer free use of our sturdy lockable boxes, and our rates are surprisingly affordable.

This makes us an ideal option for offsite document storage, particularly for small to medium businesses looking for an affordable, convenient approach.

Benefits of SpaceBox for document storage

These are among the benefits of our service for offsite document storage:

Cost: We offer storage for as little as R2 per box per day – and a single box can store as much as 11 lever arch files, full of documents.

Security: Our tamper-proof storage boxes, which you can seal and label, provide security for sensitive and confidential documents. Your documents will be stored only at our highly secure storage facilities, which are not open to the public and feature 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

Document protection: Our boxes and our storage facilities are clean, secure and water-proof. Units are equipped with accessible fire extinguishers and automated fire-fighting systems.

Efficiency: Our on-demand deliveries enable easy, efficient access to documents, as and when needed. Just order deliveries online.

Contact us for more information about our valet storage service or get started now, by ordering a pick-up online.

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