Mothers on my mind

mother's day
Mothers have been very much on my mind lately, and not just because it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. (Although, of course, that’s a big deal.) No, it’s my friends’ mothers who are occupying my thoughts right now and as a result, making me ever more appreciative of my own mother. One friend, let’s call...

For the love of the book

I love the idea of a special day to honour books each year. This year, World Book and Copyright Day fell on a Saturday, a perfect time, I thought, to start the day with a trip to the library to replenish my supply of the latest novels - and also, to sort out my home library. So this weekend, on...

Love in the time of sharing

Valentines Day
Love in the time of sharing It’s love! Eternal love! And you’re moving in together as a celebration of that love and devotion. You are great together, and love so many of the same things. Wine, good food, walks on the beach, eating out with friends, sundowners with a view on Fridays, shopping at...


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