Meet Elize at Maties: One of Our Happy Customers

Colour Run
We took time out this week to chat to one of our happy customers, Elize van Zyl. Elize is a star student at Stellenbosch University, and she's just loving it. Hi Elize. The academic year is just getting going, but sounds like you've been busy? I definitely have. The start of the year is always such...

Brilliant Ideas for Storing Kids' Artwork

A smiling young girl showing her hands which are covered in bright acrylic paints.
There’s nothing like kids' artwork to bring a smile to your face, but it's amazing how fast it can accumulate. Add each piece a child proudly brings home from school to the results of creative endeavours at home, along with every precious homemade card, message and promising scribble, and soon you'...

Moving Home? Top Tips for Staying Sane

moving homes
For most of us, moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is, and it can be an extremely stressful and trying. However, if you get organised early and work systematically, you can reduce much of the stress that comes with this mammoth job. Here are some tips to help you cope before and...

Undeck the Halls: Storing Christmas Decorations

christmas storage
Christmas decorations are great for adding holiday cheer to your home, but storing them between Christmases can be a real headache. Use these tips and tricks to keep your lights, decorations, Christmas linen and gift-wrapping supplies organised and out of the way. Getting started Divide and conquer...

Master the Art of Hiding Your Christmas Gifts

hide Christmas gifts
For most of us, hiding presents from an impatient partner or snooping kids is as much a Christmas ritual as buying the presents in the first place. Which is why it’s surprising that many people admit to hiding their gifts in the top or bottom of their wardrobes or under their beds – places where...

Students Heading for the Holidays: How to Store Your Books

storing books
Useful advice on how to store varsity and school books over the holidays. The end of the year is approaching quickly. Whether you'll be vacating your room in res or packing away your school supplies and textbooks for next year, it pays to store them correctly. Here's how. Clean your books properly...

Overseas Study and Travel for Students: All You Need to Know

Overseas Study
All travel is a journey, and all journeys expand our experience. As a student, you might be dreaming of overseas travel. But what options exist, and which ones are best for you? Overseas study travel The student universe isn't restricted only to South Africa, as many students who choose to travel...

How To Store Computer Equipment and Electronics

How To Store Computer Equipment and Electronics
Many of us probably don't give much thought to where or how we store appliances, computer equipment and other electronics. However, these devices contain metal components that can easily be damaged by moisture, dust, heat, cold and temperature fluctuations. Even a few hours in the wrong conditions...


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