We pick up, store and deliver your stuff in Potchefstroom – affordable on-demand storage that beats what other Potch self-storage companies are offering.
R80 per SpaceBox or small item per month. Medium items R120 p/m. Large items R180 p/m.
Free delivery of boxes and collection of your stuff
R200 for return delivery of some or all of your stuff from storage
Potchefstroom Storage Made Easy

Potchefstroom has a lot going for it. It's home to more national heritage sites than you could shake a stick at, along with some of the country's most prestigious learning institutions. Friendly people, great restaurants and leafy green areas alongside the Mooirivier add to the city's charm.


So you're in Potch and now you need storage space – but why should you have to drive your stuff to an out-of-the-way industrial area, or rent a whole storage unit if you have just a few boxes or bulky items to store?


So here's the deal. We'll bring sturdy boxes to your door or you can use your own boxes to pack your stuff. Then we'll collect the boxes and store them securely in a Potchefstroom storage facility. We'll give you access to an online inventory so you can manage your items. And when you need your stuff back, just tell us online and we'll return it to your doorstep.

Click, collect, store.
Why use SpaceBox storage in Potchefstroom?


Why rent more space than you need? Renting a full storage unit in Potchefstroom can be expensive, and affordable storage locations are often located in remote industrial areas.


With SpaceBox, you pay only for the space you use. Our storage system is modular, scalable and affordable.



No need to sit in traffic or navigate to a remote self-storage facility – we come to your doorstep to collect and return your items, on demand.


Ideal storage for students

Whether you're a student at the Potchefstroom Campus of North-West University or one of the city's many other tertiary institutions, colleges or schools, SpaceBox is the ideal solution for storing items you don't need all the time.


Keep clutter out of cramped student digs by storing sports equipment, seasonal clothing, books and other items until you need them.


And if home is far from Potch, store your stuff with us over the holidays instead of having to lug it long distances. We'll return it to your doorstep in time for the start of the academic term.



We know how much your stored belongings mean to you. We store all items in a secure, private location accessible only to authorised staff members, and our well-lit Potchefstroom storage facilities feature 24/7 CCTV coverage and armed response.

Who should use SpaceBox storage in Potchefstroom?

SpaceBox is an ideal solution for:


  • students and school boarders at Potchefstroom's many academic institutions; keep your living space uncluttered and store items over the holidays
  • business looking for convenient off-site storage and retrieval services for their stock and/or documents
  • AirBnB hosts who need temporary storage for their personal items while they rent out their premises
  • parents planning for new additions to their families and who require storage for baby goods
  • pensioners and others who are downscaling from larger homes to smaller houses or apartments
  • anyone who simply wants to clear out unused items – from tax records to Christmas decorations – and free up space to breathe!
What areas do we cover in Potchefstroom?

SpaceBox covers the downtown Potchefstroom area and surrounding suburbs.


 Areas covered include: 


  • Baillie Park
  • Dassierand
  • Die Bult
  • Grimbeekpark
  • Kanonierspark
  • Miederpark
  • Mohadin
  • Mooivallei Park
  • Potchefstroom Central
  • Promosa
  • Van Der Hoff Park

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